Grab A Bite To Eat At These Top Restaurants In Maryland

How many cities can you name in the state of Maryland? There is Bethesda, Ocean City, Rockville, Baltimore, Annapolis and plenty of others. You have likely heard of some of them, and others will be new to you. You’re about to discover some of the best restaurants in Maryland’s top cities. There are quite a few to choose from, with over 2,000 in Baltimore alone and anywhere from 150 to 500 in most other cities.

Let’s start with the city of Rockville, which features a total of 397 restaurants. The Silver Diner is the first restaurant on the list for Rockville. While the diner is said to serve up bison and great burgers, reviewers also point to the fact that the restaurant has vegetarian options, too. II Pizzicato is the #2 ranked restaurant in Rockville, and this is your stop for great Italian cuisine and seafood.

Now departing Rockville and heading towards Ocean City, which features 407 restaurants to choose from. It’s a good thing you are going to be privy to the top two establishments. The first is Cafe Mirage, which sounds like a really cool restaurant name. Cafe Mirage is your stop for everything seafood as well as filet mignon, and according to the reviews, great potato salad. The #2 ranked restaurant in Ocean City is Thrasher’s French Fries, which is actually a fast food joint on the Boardwalk there. If that makes you wonder, I can tell you there is a historic and famous place on the Boardwalk here in Myrtle Beach called Myrtle Beach Fries, and it’s great.

The next city to visit is Frederick, Maryland, which has a very unique restaurant listed at #1. It is Ayse Mere, and it serves up all kinds of great dishes from cuisines all around the world. The #2 ranked restaurant is Dutch’s Daughter, which serves up American cuisine, specifically seafood.

Now it’s on to Annapolis for the last stop. In Annapolis, the top ranked restaurant is Vin 909 Wine Cafe, which sounds like an interesting place indeed. The establishment serves up American cuisine, pizza and great wine. The #2 restaurant is The Iron Rooster, which also serves up American cuisine and has vegetarian friendly menu options. Which of these cities and restaurants is your first pick. Notice Baltimore was left out this time around. There are just so many great cities in the state and great places to eat.